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Our public training solution is designed to foster clarity and empower individuals to cultivate genuine and enduring knowledge, enabling them to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The most effective method for acquiring lasting knowledge is when learners take ownership of their learning journey. Encouraging learners to think critically, explore actively, and discover insights for themselves is crucial. Embracing mistakes as valuable learning opportunities is encouraged.

We specialize in crafting dynamic and unforgettable learning experiences that effectively convey key messages, develop competence, and inspire individuals

to apply new skills acquired during our workshops.

Take a look at our most popular courses

Business acumen courses


CELEMI Cayenne™

Secure project success


CELEMI Apples & Oranges™

Business finance for everyone

Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project opportunities and pitfalls.

Everyone’s a winner!A playful approach to serious business results.

Leadership development courses


CELEMI Enterprise™

Stay ahead in a changing world

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CELEMI Decision Base™

Pulling in the same direction

Exercise business thinking for winning results. Align your people behind your strategy.

Build cross-functional cooperation.Get big picture understanding.Practice strategic decision-making.


CELEMI  Tango™

Success through people


CELEMI Sustainability™

People, Planet, Profit

Enhance skills in attracting,developing and retaining the right talent and clients.

Step into the driver’s seat of a sustainability transformation.

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