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As a lifelong learning design team, we provide solutions through comprehensive learning journey that motivate curiosity, inspire with information allowing learners to process information and reflect their insights.  This engaging process transforms learners and accelerate their competencies in business acumen as well as leadership and cross-functional collaboration abilities. 

We are the Learning Solutions expert specialized in business acumen and leadership development. 


Our engaging learning methods involves a process of interaction and personal discovery.

When learners go through ENPEO learning experience, they reach the point of understanding why things work the way they do, and that understanding encourage them to make consensus decision. As a team they finally realize what impact their decision will have on the business and organization.

  • Effective learning methods

  • Develop employee capabilities leading to consistent change and understanding through “learning by doing”.


“Learning by Doing”

Motivate  learning by triggering enthusiasm and curiosity

Inspire learning with relevant work-related information.

Accelerate learning process with personal reflection and AHA moments.

Implement actions into daily work.


Celemi is the world-class business simulation provider with offices in Sweden, United States, Singapore and China as well as partners in more than seventy countries worldwide.


Celemi and ENPEO have helped clients develop their people’s business acumen and implement change by using business simulation and the power of learning approaches. 


In Thailand ENPEO is an Celemi Solution Provider since 2002 


Thomas international is  a leading global provider of people assessment tools.         Our assessments and solutions are straight forward to understand and quick to use, with scientific validity at their core. Our leadership potential assessment tools enable organisations to recruit, retain, and develop their people in order to create maximum value for your organisation. Our behavioural assessments are available in 56 different languages.


We support over 32,000 companies in over 60 countries to develop their people, teams and culture and ultimately drive high performance.


In Thailand ENPEO is the authorized Thomas Assessment Solution Provider since 2003 



We believe in what we do and we take pride in doing the best work we can. Our dedicated team is a group of specialists in learning design process who truly passionate in helping people reach their full potential and achieve both personal and professional goals.

Screen Shot 2566-11-26 at 14.17.59.png

​Suebsai  Darathum

Screen Shot 2566-11-26 at 14.17.07.png

สืบสาย ดาราธรรม

Adoon  Darathum

อดุลย์  ดาราธรรม

Paichit  Paiboonmahapong

ไพจิตร์  ไพบูลย์มหพงษ์

Ussawit  Ittipuriphat, PhD.

ดร.อัศวิทย์  อิทธิภูริพัฒน์


& Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant


& Senior Consultant

Managing Director 

& Senior Consultant

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