A tailor made integrated workshop for Root Cause Analysis and Problem Mapping

The program is a modular comprehensive, hand-on, skill-building workshop that will equip participant with techniques of effective problem solving in any problem situation.

Learn a practical thinking approach that integrates with intuitive thinking to identify, describe, analyze and resolve any technical deviation from the standard.

Learning Process

Root Cause Analysis enables a participant to define a problem correctly; to gather, organize and evaluate the problem-specific information factually and accurately. This approach gives the problem solver another way/angle at looking at the same problem information. True cause is then tested and the root cause is identified to prevent the
re-occurrence of the same problem.

Problem Mapping supports a team approach to understanding an incident and taking appropriate actions. The Problem Map becomes the focal point through which insights and associations are shared. Analysis of an incident usually requires meticulous reporting to management or third parties. Proving that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the Problem Map replaces excessive verbiage with visual information that is easily understood.

Problem Mapping supplements RCA processes, the gold-standards for issue resolution that are used in organizations worldwide to find root cause. Problem Mapping focuses on the interrelationships of these analyses and becomes the cement that binds them together.

Key learning :

  • An approach that will help problem solvers to avoid panic and act rationally when a crisis occurs.
  • The ability to define a problem accurately before starting to resolve it.
  • The ability to test probable causes against factual information to arrive at the most probable cause.
  • The assurance that you have identified and verified the true and root causes of the problem before spending a lot of time and money taking corrective action.
  • The ability to use the questioning skills from this thinking approach as specific techniques for the Thinking-
    on-Your-Feet approach.
  • A systematic approach to 
    • Make the root causes of a problem visible
    • Work collaboratively to analyze the factors that enabled an incident to happen
    • Identify specific actions to prevent future incidents, or minimize their effects
    • Ensure clear ownership of these actions 
  • Develop a clear and complete overview of the full scope of an incident
  • Develop visual map of mutual relationships and interdependencies

Target group: Managements, Managers, Supervisors, Officers