Execution is a key to strategic success.

When you ask the business executives today “how many companies “effectively execute” their plans?”  the answer will be … 10-15%. 

Why making strategy work is so difficult . That is because most of managers in organization know a lot about strategy formulation than execution.

Therefore our business strategy simulations aim at building strategic thinking and effective execution skill together with excellence planning skill by helping participants to learn the big picture of strategic planning and its execution in competitive marketplace.

In business strategy simulation workshop, participants with different skill sets and perspectives work together in teams to analyse the competitive landscape, market situation, plan strategies, make decisions, execute their plan, experience the consequences with instant feedback about their actions and improve from there. Participants also learn from their mistakes, make adjustments, and actually test out the “new knowledge”.  without risk to the organization. 

Our Workshop

Our business strategy simulation workshops have three different business model which build in the business drivers that are relevant to your businesses and challenges

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