stay ahead in A changing world

Competitive Strategy In A Rapidly Changing Marketplace

To formulate a strategy for business in today rapidly changing marketplace, companies need to address five fundamental and difficult questions before articulating vision, mission, purpose, action plan and goals.

Those question are:

  1. What business or businesses should you be in?
  2. How do you add value to your businesses?
  3. Who are the target customers for your businesses?
  4. What are your value propositions to those target customers?
  5. What capabilities are essential to adding value to your businesses and differentiating their value propositions?

This workshop address those questions and simulate them in the way that participants can realise the important and linkage to strategy formulation and execution that leads to winning results.

Key Learning:

  • Strategic development and execution of the coherent strategy in rapidly changing marketplace
  • Customer centricity
  • Target customer segmentation
  • Positioning and branding,
  • Developing the right value proposition,
  • Build and manage capabilities
  • Creating long term competitive advantage.

Target group : Senior management, Manager and Talent

Learning Tool : CELEMI Enterprise  business simulation