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As a person, there are many observable and hidden components that drive the person’s behavior and performance. In order to choose the right one to the right position and develop the right components, company needs some high validity & reliability tools to analyze their people.

We help you to pick the most usable assessments and work with you to get the most accurate results.

Typical Applications:

  • Working Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Learning Agility/Mental speed
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Mindset and Thinking
  • Competency Assessment
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Potential Benchmarking

Our tools

A person’s action and performance are driven by various factors which are either observable or unobservable. Those factors are related and cannot be separated. More solid analysis information means more understanding the person and better manage and develop.

We help clients scientifically analyze their high value people’s potential, suggest the appropriate tools, and make it simple and clear to understand.


Our partner, Thomas International, who provides standard, valid, and reliable assessment tools that help organizations attract, develop, and retain their high potential people. With user-friendly  and time efficient tools, Thomas assessment becomes popular among executives and line managers in many organizations. For more details, please visit


Potential Benchmarking

We provide scientific way to consider their talents by combining tools together and illustrate in simple way. Through this potential benchmarking, company and executives are better understand strengths and limitation of each talent, strategically screen and put each talent to the most effective tracks, fully support in succession planning and career path design, efficiently manage their people, highly motivate their people to engage with their career track in the company.

Business Mindset and Thinking Assessment

We design the process of evaluating people’s thinking styles and potential through running a broad-base business simulation. Talents will be asked to participate in business simulation workshop, observed by well-trained professionals, and evaluated their thinking styles; 

  • Holistic thinking
  • Systematic thinking
  • Analytic thinking
  • Synthesis thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Critical thinking

After the workshop, each talent will get their own thinking, potential, and development recommendation report. The big picture of talent analysis will be presented to executives and senior management team that empower them with powerful tools to strategically manage their talents.