“Your organization by design”

Because change happens all the time, your organization needs to adapt quickly to be able to match with the competitive market and business changing needs from individual level to system level.  With various approaches, we design the solutions to be appropriate with your change initiatives.

Typical applications:

    • Organization Diagnosis
    • Intervention Implementation
    • High Performance Culture
    • Building High Performance Team
    • Performance Management
    • Competency Model and Implementation
    • OD Mindset and Readiness Program for Working Team / Managers / Employees


    OD Mindset and Readiness Program

    Through an engagement session, we design platforms that helps OD/HR teams and line managers to be prepared for and engaged with OD projects by learning the concept of facilitating change projects and practical cases which need OD/HR or line managers’ decision.  By custom design for each organization’s context, participants will fully learn and openly discuss about on-going and upcoming projects in organization.

    Together with the engagement session, we help our clients analyze the readiness of OD or change team and equip with adapting tools that encourage working team to be more confident for facilitating projects.

    Bridging Performance Gap

    We help line managers to equip with systematic methodology to effectively manage team member performance. Line managers will be better analyze real root causes of performance gaps and scientific way to bridge those gaps. With various kinds of case, line managers will be able to apply these into their real work easily.

    Building High Performance Team

    We help each team be better manage and work together by analyzing each team member role, working style, strengths and limitations. And by scientific information about each team member, we design platforms that help team to mobilize and well manage each person to reach their highest potential and achieve team goal at the same time.

    Along with team member analysis, everyone in team needs to discuss and evaluate their team’s Trust among team members, Clarity of shared team goal/direction, Accountability, Commitment, Courageous challenge, and Enabling high quality thinking. Each team will come up with actionable plan that enhance team’s effectiveness continuously.