Discovery Session: MANAGER AS COACH

Coaching is an essential leadership skill that managers use to develop employees full potential and improve the performance in their units. Some say you can’t be a great manager without being a good coach. While many organizations invest heavily in coaching training, there are a few common challenges that limits managers in applying coaching skills more consistently work.

On March 25, 2015, the discovery session arranged by ENPEO, The topic was the challenges and how to effectively help managers use more coaching skills.


Martin Aldergard from ENPEO consulting spoke about the common challenges of coaching training and how to overcome them.  There are three common ones that prevent many managers from actually using more coaching skills. The topic of “No time to get started, Knowing ≠ Doing and Not easy to scale up” were raised as the most important concepts that need to be fixed. Martin Aldergard also addressed that to support the managers to build and apply stronger coaching skills as part of their management style and more use of coaching skill by managers will lead to increased development of talent (stronger talent pipeline) and increased employee engagement.

Coaching workshop

Theera Tananchai then facilitated what we can do to overcome the challenges and example of Basic coaching for managers which is a tool that is practical & easy to start. The example illustrated the objective as follows; To understand how coaching helps a manager achieving business results, to understand what coaching really is, when to use coaching and the effective coaching process and to learn and practice basic coaching skills.

On the last session, Our special guest speaker Dr. Gerrit Pelzer from Vivo Coaching spoke on the mind-sets and beliefs that might limit manager from applying more coaching skills.

The event ended with demonstrating ENPEO showcase practical training methodology and tool-kits to support managers.

Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, Theera Tananchai and Martin Aldergard

Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, Theera Tananchai and Martin Aldergard