2015 starts fast & furious…we are hiring!

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It't going to be a busy year!

One month into 2015 we can conclude it is going to be a fun and busy year. Whole of ENPEO is buzzing with challenging projects with team meetings and design work going on in every corner of the office.

What we are working on

  • Management program for large bank
    Custom design of interactive management development program in 10 modules for a large bank. We design simulation- and experiential learning tools that are tailored to this clients specific challenges and the banking business model, to ensure effective learning both as individuals and as a team of managers.
  • Stronger embed shared vision and values across a large corporation
    In close cooperation with this client, we develop communication- and engagement tools that will help managers on all levels to communicate and translate corporate vision & values into the daily behaviors in their teams. The solution is 100% tailor-made and needs to be adapted to multiple channels to fit the best way to reach employees in different locations and different working hours.
  • Leadership development programs
    For several clients, we are developing and delivering tailored leadership development programs with the aim of strengthening the shared sense of direction and purpose among senior managers in the organization. The challenge is to develop relevant questions and tools, that motivates very senior leaders (that kind of already know everything) to reflect, share and develop as individuals and as a team.

We are hiring and expanding

As always, we are looking for new team members, ready to deliver and learn on challenging projects. If you are interested to join, or know someone that might be interested, please click image for more details. Our warm thank you for any support to get in touch with the right new team member.

our dream sofa...

our dream sofa...

Also we are going to expand our office to accommodate even better creative work, and invite more clients to hands-on collaboration around communication- and learning design.

We are looking forward to the process of planning and creating our extended workspace and dream of having that good looking sofa to use when ideas needs to be incubated.