Today's event: full house on leadership

With our good friends, partners and expert coaches Gerrit Pelzer (Vivo Coaching) and Jean-Francois Cousin (1-2 Win) todays event was a success. Greatly organized by Bert Cesar of the Netherland Thai Chaimber of Commerce, we had almost 100 participants from 15 companies joining.

In fast paced and interactive discussion, participants challenged their beliefs and behaviors as leaders for driving more A-E-C in their organization. Accountability - Engagement - Collaboration.

The worshop has been jointly developed by Gerrit, Jean-Francois and Martin Aldergard of Enpeo Consulting. The interactive learning design guiding participants, a hallmark of Enpeo.

After only 3 hours, all companies left with very tangible actions for improved leader behaviors. They also got all cards and posters used in the exercises so to continue the dialogue and keep momentum after the workshop.