To success on doing that Team lead or People Manager should be able to help their team perform and succeed toward company vision and strategy

The program is designed around creating conversations within small teams, by using simulation and engaging visual materials that hands-on guides participant through interactive learning and discovery. This process provides high degree of team-based dialogue that motivates participants to think and reach their own conclusions.

Key learning:

  • Understand coaching process (identify coaching area, strategy, planning, coaching and follow up)
  • Understand team member different personality and working style
  • Learn coaching style that fit with different personality
  • Understand the G.R.O.W. model for coaching
  • Learn to set appropriate, effective goals using the S.M.A.R.T. technique
  • Learn how to recognize the current state of team member's situation
  • Learn how to develop a complete plan, including motivational opportunities to drive accomplishment
  • Learn to give effective feedback while maintaining trust
  • Recognize & overcome common obstacles that stop participants and their team member to perform

Target group: Senior managers, Line Managers, Supervisors