Effective Communication

Helps you to develop effective communication skills, which is the essential skill needed by an effective leader

Communication is, without question, the most valuable skill any manager can posses. It is the link between ideas and action, the process that generates profit. Communication is the emotional glue that binds humans together in relationships, personal and professional. The ability to communicate is what connects people to others in an organization, an industry, or a society. To be skilled at it is to be at the heart of what makes enterprise, private or public, function successfully.

Key learning:

  • Gain understanding in communication and its importance for business
  • Encourage participants to engage with effective communication process in their team and organization
  • Become more knowledgable and skilled as a communicator, especially in a team
  • Equip with effective tool in analyzing and implementing approaches and guideline into real life

Target group: Senior managers, Line Managers, Supervisors