managing business performance

Strategic Planning And Execution

Six capital-intensive companies are competing for customers in a highly competitive marketplace. Participants take on the role of the management team – comprised of finance, production, marketing and corporate intelligence. Their challenge is to make the right investments at the right time – and to get the required return.

Teams manage the strategic, operational and financial variables that create sustainable growth and profitability by  developing new product, penetrating new markets, improving operating efficiency, sustainable growth and profitability.

Key learning: 

  • Participants learn to develop and execute the strategic plan
  • Shared understanding the big picture of business
  • Utilize financial information as planning tool to improve business result
  • Understand interdependent between all function in business such as marketing and sale, production/operation and finance
  • Manage business/product life cycle to sustain growth and profitability
  • Create shareholders value

Target group : Management, Manager and Talent 

Learning Tool: CELEMI Decision Base  business simulation