Identify area for improvement and improve your work process

Complicated work processes reduce productivity and increase the chance for mistakes. By simplifying the procedures / work flow in your work, people make efficient use of time, which in turn contributing to the company bottom line result.


Learn and apply knowledge, skills, tools, techniques to define, unearth detail and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements efficiently.

Key learning:

  •  Process Mapping: to visualize and understand existing work process
  •  Voice of Customer: understand customer requirements in measurable terms
  •  7 Wastes: to identify area for improvement
  •  Creativity technique: suggested action to simplify work process with 24 possible ideas
  •  Priority Matrix tool: use priority matrix to determine how easy and impact of each initiative
  •  Project Sheet: start to identify goal and action plan to ensure the success of implementation

Target group: Managers, Supervisors, Officers