Leading Self &
Team Effectiveness

Gain the insights of personal and team strengths and how to release highest effectiveness

The program enables managers to work across functions and make optimum use of their natural leadership and management styles. Helps line managers improve their people skills to achieve in leading their subordinates more effectively, like in terms of how to adapt, to cope with changes, to handle challenging tasks, to deliver better results and performance.

Key learning:

  • Increase self awareness in his /her work style
  • Increasing their understanding of different type of behavioral style and its value to the organization
  • Increase the appreciation in people diversity and be more open to personal differences
  • Identify potential strengths and limitation of each person they work with and plan collaboration sensibly
  • Scientific approaches in working in cross - functional settings both internally and externally.
  • Create team culture and Build high performance team that deliver organizational goal
  • Effectively lead, communicate, inspire and motivate people from different preferences
  • Contribute to teamwork across the organization

Target group: Senior managers, Line Managers, Supervisors