Because it's your employees that deliver your brand in every touch-point, every day

We help to strengthen the passion employees feel for the company’s brand, and to better deliver the brand in their touch-point. It might be sales teams, customer service teams, dealers, agents or ‘back-office’ employees servicing internal customers.

We design the stories, tools and process to support managers and employees to improve how they deliver a consistent customer experience every day.

Typical applications:

    • New employee on-boarding program
    • New dealer on-boarding program
    • Corporate rebranding initiatives
    • Customer service improvement
    • Sales team engagement
    • Employer branding program
    • Customer service script development
    • New product launch

    Case example

    a brand new attitude 

    Boost the sales team’s confidence to sell the brand rather than the product features

    put the customer in the center

    strengthen the consistent customer experience across all service touch points