"your unique need - 
your unique solution"

We design your unique learning program - you deliver.

We recognize the need to sometimes own and manage your own specific training solution. Especially in case of large volumes or for content that is better delivered by in-house trainer/facilitators.

In our customer learning design services, we design and develop an entirely unique learning solutions around your specific development objectives, utilizing highly effective learning methodology incorporating content relevant to your business and company-specific issues. Our learning solutions create learning experience, group discussion and activities relevant to your company's business environment that focus on developing the key skills you require.

Projects are fixed fee including design, learning material, and train-the-trainer workshops.

Typical programs we design:

    • Coaching in action
    • Living corporate value
    • From planning to execution
    • Relationship manager for banking

    Case example

    Coaching in action

    A learning-by-doing training package, targeting  1,700 managers at a nationwide bank. Facilitated by a team of 12 internal trainers and line managers.

    Living corporate value

    Interactive learning modules integrated into corporate training curriculum on 3 levels - senior managers, middle managers and new joins.