Global industrial conglomerate

case 3 change management intro.png

The Situation

This large and diversified company designed a new management system and centralized support to strengthen further global growth. The critical task was to create buy-in from regional business leaders to the need of stronger integration, and help them take the lead in regional roll-out.

The key challenge

  • how to find acceptance for a shared management system, among diversified businesses and regions
  • rollout a shared vision of change and One Voice leadership across all operating sites


Our Solution


We designed interactive materials to support meetings with business leaders in all regions. This helped them to discover the shared background and common vision of the group. In light of this, the suggested global strategy and management system could be better understood.



The business leaders then used the materials to engage their country teams in the process of translating global vision, strategy and values to their local context. Feedback and outcomes were submitted back to head quarter.