Business Acumen for Everyone

People with keenness of business acumen will be able to make quick, good business decisions that drive superior performance.

Business acumen workshops help people to understand the big picture of business system and  interdependent between functions in the business. 

In the workshop, participants learn how the business make money, the structure, component and meaning of financial report, value driver in business and relationship between cashflow, profit, growth, employee, customer etc..

After the workshop, participants will be able to assess the financial health of the company, linkage to improvement and support company strategies to grow business profitably.

Key Learning: 

Big picture of business system. Basic financial statements - profit&loss statement, balance sheet, analyze financial ratio and key performance indicators, how to monitor cash flow and how an individual’s actions and decisions impact the company’s business performance.

Target group :

The target group for business acumen development workshop are people does not have a financial background yet their decisions directly affect the financial result of the business for example engineers, customer service team members, project managers, sale, HR, IT team etc.

Learning methodology: Celemi Apples & Oranges  business simulation